Saturday, May 30, 2009


Apparently, membership in a labor union will only cause you to lose your precious job and would also lead you to be involved in a direct assault against persons in authority and included as subject of a criminal case.

On March 17, 2009, thirty three union members of the Nagkakaisang Manggagawa sa Chong Won (NMCW) and the Kaisahan ng mga Manggagawa sa Phils. Jeon Inc. (KMPJI) to include two members of the Solidarity of Cavite Workers were listed as recipients of a warrant of arrest for direct assault and grave coercion issued by the Judge Municipal Trial Court in Rosario in the province of Cavite. The warrant stemmed from the complaints filed by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority’s (PEZA) police force and by Chong Won Fashion Inc. Production Manager Antonio Felismino on October 12, 2006 following an altercation with striking union members on September 25 and 27, 2006. Members of the striking workers also filed a similar complaint with the Rosario MTC.

This information was contained and was harshly denounced by the union members - allied with the Solidarity of Cavite Workers - in leaflet that was obstinately forced upon passersby’s hands at the very front gates of PEZA in Cavite. However, it was found out that the labor group, SCW, has exaggerated some of their claims against the PEZA administration and the subject companies to deliberately gain public support for their alleged sorry plight. The leaflet claimed that the 33 accused workers were being forced to pay the P12,000.00 bail bond each to have temporary freedom from the criminal charges filed against them which was actually a far cry from the actual P6,000.00 bail bond that was recommended by the court’s presiding Judge Rita E.Quizon after granting a motion to reduce bail bond which the accused themselves filed.

Instead of gaining the sympathy of other workers, the striking union members has only proven through their leaflets that such a situation could have been preempted if the employees of Chong Won Fashion Inc and the Philippine Jeon Garments – without outside interference from known radical labor groups such as the SCW that has a penchant for holding long drawn-out strikes and whose target companies most often end up closed – sat and negotiated for a more feasible collective bargaining agreements that would give both sides a win-win solution.

In the end, affiliation with the Solidarity of Cavite Workers has not only resulted to the loss of jobs for these union members of (NMCW) and (KMPJI) but also of having criminal charges being filed against them.


Muling nagpakita ng pagka-kriminal ang mga New People’s Army sa huli nitong ginawang atake sa isang opisina ng Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) sa bayan ng Dinalongan sa probinsya ng Aurora noong nakaraang May 21, 2009. Ang pag-sunog sa isang gusali ng PCA ay inilunsad ng mahigit 15 na miyembro ng mga rebelde sa pangunguna ng kanilang lider na si Rommel Tucay Bustamante @ Isaac laban sa ilang security guards na nagbabantay sa naturang lugar. Ang nasabing insidente ay kinondena ng mga lokal na mga residente na nagpahiwatig ng takot at galit bunsod ng nasabing krimen na naglagay sa kanilang mga buhay sa peligro.

Simula ng taon na ito, ang mga NPA ay nakapaglunsad na ng tatlong pag-atake sa probinsya ng Aurora. Ang unang insidente ay naganap noong Pebrero 19, 2009 laban sa Toplite Logging Concession kung saan isang bulldozer truck na pag-aari ng kumpanya ang sinunog ng mga rebelde at inihulog sa bangin. Samantala, ang pangalawang insidente ay nangyari noong Pebrero 20, 2009 laban naman sa Integrated Development Corporation kung saan dalawang bulldozer truck ng IDC ang sinunog at inihulog din sa bangin sa bayan ng Dinalungan. Ang nasabing mga insidente na inilunsad mismo ng grupo ni Bustamante ay nakapagdulot ng ilang milyong pinsala sa mga nasabing korporasyon at nakapagbigay pangamba sa mga lokal na residente na nakasaksi sa mga pag-atake ng mga NPA.

Bukod sa paninira ng mga kagamitan ng mga pribadong kumpanya at ng gobyerno, ang grupo ni Bustamante ay direkta ding sangkot sa pagnanakaw noong Pebrero 27, 2009 na bumiktima sa Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) sa Brgy Bazal sa bayan ng Maria.

Ayon sa isang Barangay Captain na tumangging magpakilala ay labis-labis na perwisyo ang dinudulot ng mga rebelde sa kanilang lugar dahil bukod sa paninira ay nababalot pa sa matinding takot ang mga residente, takot na nagpwe-pwersa sa ilan sa kanila na umalis na lamang sa kanilang tirahan at lumipat sa mas ligtas na lugar.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The UN HR Specialist Philip Alston took notice of KARAPATAN’s statistics regarding ratio on victims of extra-judicial killings in the country. This summed-up to total of 882 deaths in comparison to Task Force Usig’s 146. Though the numbers don’t match, both are actually giving a tally of more than a dozen journalist brutally killed in broad daylight. The remaining number quantifies the victims of political feud and that of unexplained disappearances and even fatalities that were insinuated as acts accorded to their militancy. The disparity in number is quite clear but it encloses the obvious fact were “politicalization” and even apolitical stands remain prime motives.

Setting-aside a controversial militants’ case and zeroing-in on journalists deaths, most would involve disputes both with a seated local official and Communist Party provincial doings. These journalists are gunned-down based on their impartisan views which were clearly weighed with how they side with the government detrimental to the CPP-NPA and that of how they criticize officials for nailing of graft. Admittedly, issues of deaths with regards to their stand are grounded greatly with their disfavor of the CPP-NPA. Even militia justice of gunning-down erring officials had been one of the CPP-NPA’s extrajudicial and out of bounds killings.

Early this year, not more than thirty death counts were actuated by the CPP-NPA; part of which is the series of killings tagged as OPLAN LINIS DEMONYO (OLD) done in Davao areas. By mid of April, it had been disclosed that said “cleansing” operation runs nationwide specifically parts of the Bicol Region and Samar. They are out to get rid of military informants and as rumored-Jose Maria Sison supporters. That is in accordance with the heated power thug between Benito Tiamzon and the CPP-Chair-in-absentia JOMA Sison. Part of the downsizing of allies is the indiscriminate singling-out of comrades in arms. This had no fervor whatsoever of distancing from unsuspecting civilians that could get killed in the process. Other than OLD, militant groups had been forcing members to keep mum on drastic political measures that were out to favor both Satur Ocampo and Teddy Casiño’s political ambitions. And as sourced, this is forcefully done with threats and even persecution. BAYAN Muna adherents are to nod their heads and agree with each political maneuvering or else the inevitable “cleansing” begins with them as primary targets.

Is this not extrajudicial suppression? This is far worse than unexplained disappearances. This is human rights toppled down and beaten to oblivion by morally rights groups who claimed seeking evenhandedness. Where is justice in this one?

Fatalities under OLD include the seventy-nine year old farmer, Eusebio Manluwang in SitioTolotolo, Brgy Paquibato Proper, Paquibato Dist., Davao City. The victim was gunned-down by three identified NPA commando about a feet away from his family’s shack last February 8. The incident was witnessed not just by unfortunate bystanders but by his very relatives. Out of fear, the victim’s family kept their mouths shut. This happens to be justice “delivered” and “served” within the Communist circle. Almost every day “this” same infuriating scenario happens across far-flung districts. That is, as the CPP-NPA-NDF continues to force their revolutionary government among the toiling masses.

Harboring terrorist like Jose Maria Sison while taking him in on an asylum was by far the gravest mistake of the international tribunal. This gave ruthless Communists in the country leverages in performing horrendous acts of human rights abuses. They continually go against the government’s will and even went as far as using so-called “revolutionary taxation” to explain their indiscriminate money hunt that goes to riddling extortions. There is no denying that Manluwang like others who were killed by the CPP-NPA were “silenced” for reasons that the Communist Party relegates them as “useless” piece of used furniture. Jose Maria Sison’s army believes that the Philippines’ citizens are dispensable “toys” they used like “milking cows” or else “butchered pigs”.

Friday, May 22, 2009

LIZA MASA’S ANTI-FAMILY (DIVORCE) BILL? Liza’s Senatorial Ambition

In the coming 2010 elections, the three-termer representative of the GABRIELA Women’s Party, Liza Masa, will no longer be qualified to seat as part of the 15th Congress as she has already surpassed the allowed terms for any representative of a party list group. However, not wanting to simply be an ordinary civilian and join her other comrade-in-arms who are sweating it out during street demonstrations, Liza Masa now has her eyes set on a higher and more lucrative position than being a representative of a marginalized sector – to be a senator.

Since her official declaration as a party list representative, Masa has shown a propensity towards crafting and supporting bills that seeks to destroy life and even the environment that is required to foster it – the family. Earning the ire of pro-life individuals and organizations, Liza Masa has authored the Divorce Bill which seeks to legalize divorce in a predominantly Christian nation such as ours and has also even openly supported the Reproductive Health Bill of Representative Edcel Lagman, proposing the use of condoms and birth control pills as well as promoting abortion, which ofcourse elicited outright indignation from various religious groups in the Philippines, the most vocal being the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines or CBCP.

Despite the seeming lack of support from the religious sector as a result of her proposed and supported anti-life laws, Liza Masa plans to resolutely seek a higher position as she has already sent out her minions around the Philippines to embark on a nationwide signature campaign - a euphemism for financial solicitation - in an attempt to project a widespread call for a radical feminist to seat in our Senate halls. Not even the mother of the recently victorious boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao, who is pleasantly called as Mommy or Nanay Dionisia can escape the conniving hands of Masa and her followers given their plan to use and project her as an "icon" of women. However, it is a well-known fact that Nanay Dionisia is among those who greatly benefits from Manny’s hard work and is undoubtedly well "compensated" by her famous son. Given this instance, it is not far to speculate, that Masa's group will use this “icon” guise to cunningly manipulate Manny’s mother into "donating" a huge amount of monetary support into their coffers.

Just like what the TRAPOs are caught always doing before the official election campaign period, the group behind the Liza Masa 4 Senator Movement or “LM4Senator” has also embarked on the usual “print-the-politician’s-name” on cards for graduates which they distributed among public schools in the country during their respective commencement exercises and have already started plastering Liza’s face on various open places such as public walls and establishments.

To be able to seat among other senators, the pro-women representative was willing and has already transformed herself into an authentic TRAPO. Now, the question is why would she do that? But the most important question that should be asked – let us forget her plans for Nanay Dionisia and her card-giving shenanigans – is would we support a senatoriable who is against life and the importance of upholding the sanctity of marriage?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


For a shot at better waters Satur is willing to swim the “darkest seas” alongside Erap Estrada. The political “disgust” on MAKABAYAN that nailed the early alliance between Estradas-led UNO and the BAYAN Muna hierarchy was sadly Ocampo’s best tickets to the 2010 Senate. But frankly speaking has Ocampo earned what he believed is his strong stature in terms of public confidence? Most of his stints in the Lower House were walk-outs, random filing of charges against the seated administration with insubstantial evidence, or worse the worn-out calls for people power. Should the people be proud of him when he distances himself from what he claimed “politicking” but rode on “militancy” instead? Ocampo was an elected statesman for nine years after he promised changed and progress to the masses. But obviously those promises were narrowed-down in oblivion.

Like a far ambitious TRAPO, Ocampo backed out from his former stand against Estrada and company in exchange for half-a-million peso. For argument sake, had he persecuted Erap for the deposed president’s multi-million graft? Comparing the half a million peso that had Satur’s mouth shut with Erap’s still uncounted millions, it is quite clear that Ocampo was desperately in need. As if the Php 500,000 was worth his entire career in BAYAN Muna. Was Ocampo that cheap? And was Estrada that naïve to take Satur in UNO without prior rationalization? Erap should have learned a thing or two with what Ocampo had done with GLORIA. It was public knowledge that Ocampo wanted to make an altar for GLORIA during the oath taking in EDSA Shrine after the victorious second wave of People Power. However, Ocampo was among those who quickly trashed GLORIA the minute she was in Malacañang.

Ocampo’s so-called broad alliance with other anti-GLORIA groups in the country was beneficial no less to his senatorial aspiration. Tapping the UNO block that now earns the highest 2010 presidential surveys even if it means turning-down majority of his militant comrades was worth the angst. Just take a look at how Erap’s money machinated the Labor Day rallies into a MAKABAYAN pre-launch. Apparently, the initial 500K was good enough to gather and feed a total of 300 persons in Central Luzon who posed as fitting audience and bait to support Ocampo-Casiño tandem in the nearing elections.

MAKABAYAN was the best excuse to bury BAYAN Muna for good. That is, as Ocampo and Casiño trod down a far disturbing attempt at politicking. Seriously, people are not alarmed with TRAPO malady affecting other Upper House neophytes. What people should arm themselves against were “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Ocampo and Casiño are out with their true skins- “manggagamit” and “nagpapagamit”. Other than these two, they are ofcourse men who still staunchly support the advent of Communist tyranny in the land. Jose Maria Sison, the Chairman-in-absentia of the CPP and NPA had extended his support for MAKABAYAN and the people behind it for practical reasons that Ocampo and Casiño would surely make JOMA God by 2010.

MAKABAYAN-ASTM, COMMUNIST TANDEM “Reds Taking Control by 2010”

As political pools try and absolve themselves from the ruined TRAPOs, Communist hand is set to replace it by 2010. For example, try looking at the fielding of solons Satur Ocampo under MAKABAYAN with a little help from Estrada-led UNO. Satur is a bonafide cadre and the recently installed right-man of JOMA Sison in the CPP-NPA-NDF’s. That is, as Acting CPP Chair Benito Tiamzon wanted to oust Sison out in the Party. Are Filipino voters too ignorant and naïve of such a fact? Or are we deafened or blinded by this rich Opposition honchos who colluded with the Reds to cleanse their names long tainted with plunder and graft?

MAKABAYAN was a set-up of Communist’ fielded senators for 2010. They are made to turn their backs from BAYAN Muna and their campaign against the TRAPOs in particular- Erap for a stint at getting across the Upper House. As a “starter” MAKABAYAN would push for four cadres under NPC and UNO. Other than that, they are also mingling with extremist coup plotters thru the Ayaw sa Trapo Movement (ASTM), which was being funded by retired army officials and forthcoming presidential contender-Ping Lacson. For all we know, the government will soon be swarmed by Communist supportive solons who will then be pushing for a change in the constitution that would greatly involve the shift to Socialist-Communist rule.

Unfortunately, the Reds found their way-in in our constitution as TRAPOs in the likes of Estrada and Lacson adopted them in their midst. It is the other way around, if we must try to synthesize behind the alliances under MAKABAYAN. Instead of TRAPOs dictating the Reds of what to do, it is the witting and deceitful cadres that are playing with them in exchange for campaign funds and even electorates. Unfortunately, Sison thinks way beyond what Erap could possibly comprehend. The latter was clearly not thinking with his head.

TRAPOs only aim are winning the elections. Problems they might encounter afterwards are to be decided and thought of as they are seated in power. What they do next with their positions are clearly overlooked. This is simply the reason why politicking and flip-flops dominate our bunch of rulers. They would just have to jettison or shift from one plausible and famous political persona to the next to gain public confidence. Thus, governance was not a matter of how many laws one made and implemented but to whose political party and prominent honcho he was linked.

However, the Reds would surely know better. They think far beyond winning the elections. Satur Ocampo was to establish Communist connections as he tries to vie for the senate along with Teddy Casiño, Liza Masa and Rafael Mariano. Try to imagine what these subversives could do as they literally have the power to manipulate one of the highest seats in the country. If the KAMARA brought them millions of funds funneled down to buy thousands of arms caches for the NPA and even hectares of land and mansions for Sison and the CPP hierarchy, the Senate would serve as the initial progression of Sison in shadow-rule.

That would advent the downfall of democratic liberties and Filipinos subjugation to Communist tyranny. It would be Lenin’s rule in Philippine soil.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Sa isang 16-pahinang report na may petsang Abril 29, 2009 na sinumite ni United Nation Special Rapporteur Philip Alston sa Human Rights Council ay nagmistulang napawalang sala ang mga New People’s Army sa kaliwat-kanang mga pagpatay nito sa kanilang mga dating kasama sa partido at mga nahatulan ng kamatayan sa kanilang tinatawag na “kangaroo court”.

Ayon na mismo sa representante ng UN, ang mga NPA ay kadalasang gumagawa ng extrajudicial executions na kanilang kinukubli sa pamamagitan ng pagtawag nito bilang ‘revolutionary justice”. Ngunit ang nakakalungkot ay ang ganitong uri ng pagpatay ay hindi man lamang kinondena ni Alston sa kahit anong parte ng nasabing report na kaniyang ibinigay sa pamunuan ng UN Human Right Council kamakailan lamang.

Dahil dito, malinaw na ang isang representante ng human rights ang siya mismong nagpapawalang bahala sa mga totoong nangyayari sa ating bansa. Marahil ay nagbubulag-bulagan si Alston sa mga naging biktima ng mga NPA na kung ating bibilangin ay umabot na sa 20 simula lamang ng taon na ito; at ito lamang ay ang mga nababasa natin at nababalitaan. Paano pa kaya ang mga iba? Karamihan sa kanilang mga naging biktima ay mga tao na hindi man lamang nabigyan ng pagkakataong ipagtanggol ang sarili sa mga paratang na kadalasang ginagamit ng mga rebelde bilang rason upang walang kagatol-gatol na pumatay ng kanilang kapwa.

Ilan sa kanilang naging biktima ay ang isang menor de edad na si Ricky Roman na taga Sorsogon na kanilang pinaratangan na isang snatcher bago siya pinatay. Hindi ba’t si Alston pa mismo ang nagsabi na sa isang dyaryo (Manila Times) na “no one deserves to be shot or stabbed to death for petty crimes”? Si Nestor Pajabera na dati nilang kasapi na pagkatapos magbalik loob sa gobyerno ay kanilang pinatay. Bukod sa menor de edad, kadalasan nilang biktima ay mga sundalo at mga pulis na kanilang pinapatay habang ang mga ito ay papauwi sa kani-kanilang mga pamilya – malayo sa bakbakan - o di kaya ay inosenteng namamalengke. Hindi rin nila pinapatakas ang mga retiradong sundalo tulad na lamang ni Ernesto Evasco na pinaslang sa Lucena City noong Pebrero 2, 2009.

Ang mga NPA ay hindi rin namimili ng oras ng pag-atake tulad na lamang nang kanilang patayin ang isang dating barangay captain na si Augusto Ceasar ARANA habang kasama nito ang kaniyang 12 anyos na anak - na nalagay ang buhay nito sa alanganin - sa Davao City. Sa patuloy na pagmamatigas ni Alston na hindi pansinin at ipagwalang bahala ang patuloy na pagpatay ng NPA sa bansa ay nagmistulang taga-suporta tuloy ang representante ng nasabing armadong grupo. Ito ba ang gusto niya? Kung gusto talaga ni Philip Alston na maging patas at mabigyan ng hustisya ang mga naging biktima ng extrajudicial killings sa bansa ay dapat kondinahin din niya ang mga NPA at i-rekomenda kay Pangulong Arroyo na ito ay lutasin sa lalong madaling panahon.


Recent report pointing against the GLORIA administration on issue of extrajudicial killing did left the CPP and NPA in wide smiles. Other than having been portrayed “politically handicapped”, the armed forces was to go answerable for the crimes the CPP hierarchy had in fact actuated. This is so, not to mention that apart from the purgings during Satur Ocampo’s ascendancy of the Southern Luzon Regional party Committee in late 1970’s to early 1990’s. To which, about 3,000 victims were buried and to be found decades-after in Inopacan Leyte, Bukidnon and parts of Southern Luzon area.

The Davao death squad as enclosed on UN HR advocate and specialist Philip Alston was an inseparable doing of the administration against “suspected” militants. Other than making a thorough research on the factuality of the Davao Death Squad “resurrection”, the rumors was groomed into evidence taking on the trial of GLORIA under the rulings of the Communist Party. Are we this naïve to have “kangaroo courts” and “justice” plagued the very seat of our government? The issue on extra-judicial killings was signed, sealed and “ventilated” into a trial of publicity.

Was there a thorough inquest about the unearthed killing fields in Leyte? Did the CPP and NPA purging operations known as Oplan Venereal Disease reached as far as the Regional Trial Courts? Were there investigative comparisons as to the late 1980’s mass killings or liquidations of the NPA of its comrades to that of the instances and carrying-out of Oplan Linis Demonyo in the areas of Davao and now in the Bicol region? What if the OPLAN VD before was now reconstructed as OPLAN LD? Both with the same horrifying stigma of liquidations and caused no less by intermittent power struggles in the CPP Central Committee. If Romulo Kintanar posed as a threat against Jose Maria Sison before, is Benito Tiamzon his successor?

Else, why haven’t Alston questioned the setback on the charges against Satur Ocampo? The one who ironically got elected in office despite having been filed with multiple charges of murder in his stint as part of the NPA AHOS Committee that oversee the executions of about 3,000 others. In fact if there is one tangible malpractice that the administration seems guilty about is the one where Ocampo bailed-out on a non-bailable offense that had gone far as to his disclosed plans for the 2010 senate seat. That is, if the injury and humiliations were entirely not enough as he gained a seat in the KAMARA. Alston should investigate the haphazard proceeding done with Ocampo’s legal bouts. The UN HR specialist should have nipped the bud out of what Ocampo made as a devious way out of prison.

Is it not plain and outright abuse of human rights when people are held against their will particularly when it involves forcefully giving-in on NPA’s revolutionary tax? That when a local happens to be apolitical when it comes to the Communist struggle he is subjected to relentless threats and even death? Farmers and fisher folks were nonetheless the usual victims of CPP-NPA abuses. This is common knowledge. This should have been the disparity of GLORIA’s administration’s thrust. The fact that the CPP and NPA continue to take arms and build their revolutionary government in fear and with clear disregard of the majority’s safety and will is one handicapped not just of the Arroyo administration but of the past four other presidents starting with Ferdinand Marcos. The only menace of Filipino democratic liberty is the grounding of Communist ideals. This is obviously clear and non-arguable.

Is it not a fact that the insinuated oppression done by the state in power thru extrajudicial abuses was by far exceeded by exploitations and ill-treatment of outlaws on common citizens done no less than by the CPP-NPA? Thus, who then should be tagged enemy of the state? Why then should we brand the government “killers” as it make-use of arms to quell armed groups?

Monday, May 11, 2009


On April 01, 2009, the human rights group Karapatan once again became the harbinger of death as it claimed that they have already counted a total of 17 political killings from January to date of this year. Their current count included Rebelyn Pitao who was abducted and killed by unidentified armed men in Davao Del Norte in the early part of March 2009. Surprisingly, Karapatan has once again failed to update its yearly count and the published update figure of such a list so that scores of victims of the infamous New People’s Army or NPA purging that has hounded the underground movement in the 80s and is said to be still practiced by the rebels during our current generation were not included. The families of these victims, some of whom are still buried and are yet to be discovered by authorities, has long been appealing to the human rights group to echo their clamor for a long overdue and much delayed justice for their loved ones since they too were victims of human rights violations and were robbed of their rights to live.

The families of the so-called Leyte mass grave victims, in particular, have been feeling the perversity of our justice system as one of those accused in the mass killing was able to post a P100,000.00 bail to a non-bailable offense and with no corresponding explanation from the Supreme Court as to why he was granted provisional release. Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo was arrested on March 16, 2007 by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued by a regional trial court for multiple murder and subsequently detained for 18 days at the Manila Police District headquarters on United Nations Avenue in Ermita. However, on April 03, 2007 Mr Ocampo virtually walked away from his criminal charges when the Supreme Court granted his request to annul the RTC decision.

And because of this, some quarters have already questioned Karapatan’s leaning, preference in choosing victims to be championed and was also charged of being biased in the dispense of its assistance. A member of a local human rights group argued that “Karapatan should be impartial in reporting the number of political killings in the country as the government is not the only existing entity or group in our nation that is capable of carrying out such a crime against human rights”. The advocate also pointed out that in order for Karapatan to be effective in its crusade against human rights violation it must “report without partiality the summary executions implemented both by the government and that of the New People’s Army since both groups have abused its power and authority and are guilty of mercenary deaths”.

It would help Karapatan if it is reminded every now and then that the fight against human rights violations knows no race, age, gender, political leanings, religion nor social status in life. Karapatan’s fight against human rights violations should not only be geared towards pinning down the Armed Forces of the Philippines but should also be targeted towards putting down the New People’s Army. It is the right way to uphold human rights.


Thousands of other Bayan Muna members are appalled with Teddy Casiño for forcefully making them swallow ERAP for his 2010 senatorial ambition.

After the April 16th secret meeting in UP-Diliman between GO solons and militant officials, Erap was said to have promised millions of financial assistance to Casiño’s senatorial candidacy under PMAP. Apparently, this would also involve the forging of alliance between the ERAP-led UNO and other militant partylist organizations for the upcoming elections. This was an agreement signed and converged by a few and to be suffered by more than a handful of others.

The EDSA DOS was thrown-out the window and even the courts guilty-verdict on ERAP’s plunder was turned by both Ocampo and Casiño into a stockpile of crap. This are what we (Bayan Muna) fear as political maneuvering sucking identified morality rights to the drain. The doings of this two made Bayan Muna into a laughing stock. They made it clear to the public that no one is obviously fighting for what is right and decently just when it comes to gaining the next higher seat. Unfortunately, it is pretty obvious that I, along with those who rallied with them in Edsa Shrine day-in and day-out for ERAP’s ouster was wittingly played at.

No thanks to these solons, politicking had bested them. Those who sweat and hungered as they picketed in EDSA in 2000 were but a bunch of moronic naives. Casiño-Ocampo bandwagon is what constitutes the downfall of Filipino decency. It seemed clearer to us now, that EDSA DOS was not about championing against corruption instead it was simply personal for others to gain public trust and later on abuse it for their benefit.

Bayan Muna was these two’s stepping stone to “political stardom”. And just like how political maneuvering does away with ideologies and loyalty, Ocampo and Casiño disposed of us like worthless rags. They spit at BAYAN’s boldness to strike malpractice as they became UNO Trapo’s lapdogs. Clearly, they gave the perfect act as they clutched-arms with us as whenever rallies take place. Perfect actors! Perfect bastards!

If they could turn their backs these easily against their comrades in BAYAN, who can tell how and just what they could sell-out for a much higher position. If they can’t be trusted as KAMARA Representatives, are the electorates that stupid to again have them exploiting another seat of authority such as the Senate?

The whole moral reformation crap should start within BAYAN Muna since Casiño and Ocampo is clearly losing their grab at sanity and logic as they collude with Erap the convicted plunderer who stayed not a second in prison. People aren’t deaf. They see pretty damn clear, as flip-flops jettison from one camp to another to serve egocentric few.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hindi na mapagkakaila ni Jose Maria Sison, kilalang lider ng Communist Party of the Philippines, na nawawalan na ng tapang ang kaniyang liderato sa nasabing partido. Maituturing kasing malaking pruweba ang biglang pagkabig ni Joma mula sa dati nitong paninindigan laban sa pakikilahok sa eleksyon sa bansa. Matatandaan na tahasang kinutya ni Joma ang desisyon ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas na iwan ang armadong pakikibaka (armed struggle) at sumabak sa parliamentary struggle noong 1957, isang desisyon na ayon mismo kay Sison ay ang naging mitsa ng tuloy-tuloy na pagbagsak at pagkawasak ng nasabing organisasyon at ang tinuturong dahilan sa likod ng pagkalas ng ilang miyembro sa pangunguna ni Sison at upang sila ay magbuo ng isang bagong partido – ang CPP at ang NPA.

Kung ating susuriin ang mga napapabalitang huling mga pangyayari sa loob ng CPP tulad ng nangangamoy na awayan sa pagitan ni Sison at mag-asawang Benito at Wilma Tiamzon at mga binitawang salita ni Joma patungkol sa bagong tatag na MAKABAYAN ay makikita natin na siya ay napilitan lamang na kumabig mula sa nauna niyang desisyon hingil sa eleksyon. Dahil maugong ang pagkademoralisa sa hanay ng mga armadong NPA particular na ang mga taga Visayas at Mindanao at ang pagkampi ng mga ito kina Benito at Wilma Tiamzon ay minarapat ni Joma na humanap ng ibang paraan upang makabawi at ibang taong makakapitan.

Dito ngayon pumapasok si Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo na matapos makaramdam ng tamis ng tagumpay sa nakaraang mga tatlong party list elections at makapamuhay ng marangya bilang isang kongresista ay ngayon naghahangad naman ng mas mataas na pwesto sa gobyerno bilang senador. Upang maisakatuparan ang planong pagkandidato sa pagkasenador ay nagtutulak ngayon si Satur ng isang agrisibong paraan na pinabasbasan mismo kay Joma Sison - ito ang pagbuo ng isang koalisyon na tinatawag na MAKABAYAN na intensyonal na liligaw at kukuha ng suporta ng mga kilalang TRAPO sa ating bansa.

Ngayon, ano ang pakinabang ni Joma sa pagpalit ng naunang paninindigan patungkol sa eleksyon at upang pumayag ito na mabuo ang MAKABAYAN? Ang pagtulak ng tinatawag na parliamentary struggle ay pwedeng magdulot ng isa sa dalawang bagay lamang para kay Sison. Una, marahil ay nakita at gustong gayahin ni Joma ang pagpupunyagi ng Communist Party of Nepal na ngayon ay nakaupo bilang dominanteng partido sa Nepalese Parliament at pwedeng magpabulusok din sa matagal nang rebolusyong inilunsad ng CPP. Pangalawa, ito ay kaniyang ginawa upang resolbahin ang kaniyang malalim na problema sa Partido laban sa mag-asawang Tiamzon at ginagamit niya ang eleksyon upang maging mitsa ng pagbagsak ng CPP tulad na lang nang sinapit ng PKP noong 1957.


Noong Marso 16, 2009 ay opisyal na nilunsad ang Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan o ang grupong nagpapatawag ng MAKABAYAN sa University of the Philippines sa lungsod ng Quezon. Ang pagtitipon ay dinaluhan ng mga miyembro at taga-suporta ng MAKABAYAN at piling mga personalidad mula sa oposisyon at kilalang mga tao ni dating Pangulong Joseph Estrada.

Ang MAKABAYAN ay tinayo upang maging isang koalisyon ng mga kilalang anti-Gloria groups na ating natuklasan at unti-unting napapatunayan na direktang binuo ng mga aktibistang makakaliwa o ng CPP upang maging makinarya sa likod ng mga naka-upong party list groups tulad ng Bayan Muna, Gabriela at Anakpawis. Hindi ba’t nakakapagtaka ang pagbibigay ng solidarity message ni Jose Maria Sison, kilala at ibig pabagsaking lider ng CPP, sa okasyon ng founding assembly ng MAKABAYAN?

Hindi ba’t ito ay nagpapatunay lamang na tama ang naunang napabalitang plano ng CPP na gayahin ang nangyari sa Nepal kung saan ay matagumpay na napasok ng mga komunista ang gobyerno sa pamamagitan ng pagtakbo at pagpapatakbo ng kanilang mga taga suporta sa mga ilang piling pwesto? Tulad ng naka-ugalian na ni Joma ay balak na naman niyang manggaya sa ibang bansa at isubo ang kaniyang mga tagapagsunod sa isang larangan na dati na niyang tinalikuran at dati nang naging dahilan ng pagbagsak ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas na unang kinabilangan nitong si Sison.
Lingid sa kaalaman nina Senador Manny Villar, Mar Roxas III, Francis Pangilinan at Jamby Madrigal ay binuo ang MAKABAYAN upang hikayatin at lokohin ang mga tulad nilang nagnanais makapwesto sa 2010 na makipag-ugnayan sa grupo ng Bayan Muna, Anakpawis at Gabriela at magamit ang kani-kanilang mga financial machinery upang maipwesto ang mga taong una nang hawak ng CPP at NPA. Hindi nila alam na sila lamang ang naluluto sa sarili nilang mantika gayung pera nila ang mistulang maglalaho kung matutuloy ang kanilang pakikisama sa ganitong mga grupo.

Patunay na lamang dito ang nangyaring unang pagbibigay ng tig P100,000 nina Villar, Roxas, Pangilinan at Madrigal sa mismong founding assembly. Mistulang binibili lamang nila ang suporta ng mga grupong militante. Hindi ba’t sila ay mistulang mga uto-uto na sumusunod sa mga ulayaw ng mga CPP?

Nakakatakot din ang pagkuha ni ERAP kay Teddy Casiño bilang parte ng kaniyang senatorial slate. Hindi ba natatakot si ERAP na siya pa mismo ang kumuha ng taong sasaksak sa kaniyang likod gayung si Casiño ang isa sa mga dating nanggigilaiti sa entablado at sumisigaw ng “ERAP BABA!” noong panahon na siya ang pangulo pa ng bansa? Si ERAP ba ang tumalikod sa mga taga oposisyon o si Casiño ang nasilaw sa pera sa kampo ni ERAP?