Thursday, July 30, 2009

NPA’s Hand on Melissa Roxas Abduction

New People’s Army (NPA) - Central Luzon Regional Committee (CLRC) admitted hand on the abduction of Fil-American human rights activist Melissa Roxas last May 19th in La Paz, Tarlac. The said guerilla front disclosed that Roxas’ abduction was pre-orchestrated and carried-out by said Communist faction with the “blessings” of BAYAN-USA and BAYAN-Tarlac. The act was to stimulate public outburst on supposed political crimes in the country, which would then be exploited by CPP-NPA endorsed 2010 senatoriables namely; Satur Ocampo and Teddy Casiño.

Faked Abduction

At around 10:00 in the evening of May 18th, Roxas was met by identified NPA combatants - Juanito Carabeo and John Edward Jandoc. Presumably, the two posed as civilian volunteers that were affiliated with BAYAN-Tarlac to coordinate Roxas’ stay in said province. In fact, Carabeo participated in the harassment of Orani Town Hall in Bataan last 2004; to which he incurred three standing warrants of arrest issued under CC Nr 11125 for murder by Judge Manuel Tan of RTC Br-2 dated (Feb. 01, 2008); CC Nr 11137 for rebellion/insurrection by Judge Manuel Tan of RTC Br-2 dtd (Feb. 18, 2008); and, CC Nr 11149 for rebellion/insurrection (Feb 15, 2008).

On the other hand, John Edward Jandoc was also an active Communist cadre under CLRC, whose identified parents were NPA leaders-Ana and Hilario Guio (Finance Officer of NPA Bataan). As divulged by Roxas, the two that served as her companions in said “BAYAN-sponsored trip was also taken on the eve of May 19th but was “suspiciously released the next day while she was still held in custody.

CLRC sources further unveiled that Roxas knew she would be abducted. The whole torture scheme was made-up scenario she memorized to get an audience. In fact, her earlier description of her abductors wearing camouflage was a “pushing” and deliberate sentiment that directly implicates the AFP on the fabricated incident. Even her “climactic” release, morning of May 25th, was just in time to be celebrated by around 150 newly-mobilized KARAPATAN members lobbying in front of the 7th Infantry Division.

Roxas’ Dubious Exit despite Filed Case

The quick run-off of Roxas back in the US without apparent reason that trashed two other SC hearings of her complaint was still left on murky water. Even Bayan Muna failed to explain Roxas’ wavering resolve on pursuing the case despite her internationally-highlighted outcry. If Roxas was for the uncovering of facts behind her abduction and not to simply drag the incident on the foreign arena, she would have decided to stay and look after the progress of her case.

Roxas and company were not for the truth. They are, by the looks of their actions on route to a staged “public stunt”. Trailing the judicial process was never part of their plan, which is why Roxas’ dubious “exit and entry” showed her inexplicable disinterest to the case.

Monday, July 27, 2009


The rift between the CPP-NPA big bosses-Jose Maria Sison and benito Tiamzon is blowing-out of proportions. Silent defectors coming from Mindanao and greater Luzon area have been pulling alarming stunts to steal the interest of the public. For one, the blast in the Ombudsman and now the bomb that blew-up near a Cathedral in Cotabato City. Who could in fact ignore the peculiarity of the NPA blowing the whistle of denial a day after the blast that killed five and wounded 34?

Despite the “usual suspects” (MILF), the NPA got out of their way and deny the possibility of their involvement in the crime done. So what forced them? Was it premature clean-up for the NPA hierarchy that by now was rumored severing control among its guerilla underground?

A huge faction under the CPP-NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Committee (SMRC) had been singled-out by the Central Committee tribunal runned by Tiamzon for their supposed loyalty leaning on the still Chair-in-absentia JOMA Sison. One of which is the dreaded Leoncio Pitao alias Kumander Parago. The notorious Communist leader lost his daughter-Rebelyn who was raped and killed early this year that was followed again by the slaying of his sister-Evelyn also within Davao City. And, like the dozens of NPA subordinates who were unfortunately in-the-middle of Tiamzon and Sison’s thug for the Chairmanship, defecting from the Party and agreeing to a range of atrocity to edict “sensibility” to their higher-ups was deemed a practicable resort.

Sources say that the cooked-up coup within the NPA resembles the faction of the Revolutionary Proletariat Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPA-ABB) in late 1980’s. The renowned “rejectionist” of the now Sison-led CPP-NPA pursued urban warfare that included blasts here and there on known populated cities. The indiscriminate attacks to both government and civilian lives or installations were their goal of establishing Mao-Tse Tung inspired revolution. Apart from which, their haphazard actions was a means of protest to the ruling CPP-NPA hierarchy who by then was aiming to infiltrate mainstream politics.

Sison wanted a less callous revolution to reserve himself a seat in the political arena. Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara, who then led the RPA-ABB, both made sure that the GRP talks between Sison is stalled and that the Communist Party’s plan to gain public patronage for election was nonetheless tainted. However, the rejectionist’s shot at glory was slowly overturned. Both leaders were shot dead in 2003 and 2004. It was for one the CPP-NPA’s top resolve to put a leash on straying cadres.

And just as history likes repeating itself over and again, the CPP-NPA are not only beset with power thug but on issues of embracing “politicking” with the help of its influenced or supported progressive leaders. As advised by JOMA, cadres are to abandon their armed offensive and concentrate on fielding candidates for the 2010; an order revolted by Tiamzon.

The fear of losing involvement or being taken out of the picture seemed to be overpowering Tiamzon with his impartial treatment on JOMA loyalists. Surrenderees coming from his rank blurted-out that Tiamzon was not willing to give-up his importance in the armed offensive over a Communist “dictator” hiding abroad.

Cotabato Cathedral blast came in the ripest minute of supposed Oplan August Moon and MILF reprisal over the junking of the Bangsamoro Homeland. In fact, it even fit well with Kato and Bravo’s attacks against Christians. The NPA defectors were good at meeting their impulse. If Tiamzon and Sison continues with their childish “bickering” the cadres onboard their “jealousy” and “egotism” threatens to persist their unreserved crimes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Rift Between JOMA and Tiamzon:

Acting CPP-NPA Chair Benito Tiamzon is plotting to convene another “regodon” amongst the Communist higher-ups.

As sourced, this involves severing ties with Chairman-in-absentia Jose Maria “Joma” Sison, who had been in asylum in the Netherlands for over 22 years.

The plan to unseat Sison was culminated when Tiamzon felt threatened by the move to set aside the armed offensive to give-way for Sison loyalists’ plan to get elected this coming 2010 election.

Infiltrating the government’s inner core with the use of cadres guised as progressive leaders caused a stir on battle-ready Reds like Tiamzon who fears of being casted aside.

Tiamzon served Sison like a 24/7 “canine” hoping that one day he assumes the Communist throne. With Satur Ocampo getting much favors from Joma after having been his former wing-man inside the Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee, Tiamzon could not rule-out the possibility he was being taken out of the picture.

In order for Ocampo to win much votes, the NPA led by Tiamzon needs to be “emasculated”. They were ordered to stand-back and abandon their posts.

Ocampo is unfit to fill the shoes of Tiamzon. He was too sucked-up in politics that his allegiance to the CPP-NPA is at question. The progressive leader dubiously going over the pursuit of his own political career.

With the help of Tiamzon loyalists in Southern Tagalog ang Western Visayas, the hunt for Joma sympathizers in Mindanao and Northern Luzon is on.

The plan was simple, demoralize the Joma believers and raise favorable cadres on Wilma (Benito’s Party wife) to ascend the Chairmanship.

This way, the Tiamzon couple could enjoy their fair share of the CPP-NPA “autocracy”, like a “worth the wait” pay-off after serving as Sison’s moppet for more than two decades.

Surfacing NPA Defectors:

The Tiamzon-led hound on former Southern Mindanao Regional Committee (SMRC) leader-Leoncio Pitao in Davao City for his allegiance to Sison alarmed a handful of cadres.

Primarily. Pitao was a lab rat used to magnify the extent of Tiamzon’s all-out war against Sison sympathizers.

But other than “forcing” cadres to embrace Tiamzon and ditch Sison, a handful of them defected from the CPP-NPA command.

The so-called “defectors” have had enough of the higher-ups bickering. They would not wait to die on either Sison or Tiamzon’s hands.

In fact, the “defectors” believed that their best chances of survival are going against both Sison and Tiamzon.

Like the “rejectionist” faction identified as the Alex Boncayao Brigade led by Arturo Tabara and Romulo Kintanar, the 2009 NPA defectors make-use of urban warfare and even getting themselves associated on terrorist acts.

The NPA defectors wanted to make a statement on the CPP-NPA leadership through conducts of indiscriminate atrocities to include bombing operations in key districts.

Blast in the Ombudsman as well as last Sunday’s near Cotabato Cathedral explosion were all part of the NPA “defectors” show of force. It was fitting since it could be readily guised as part of the Oplan August Moon coup and even that of MILF-SOG retaliatory attacks after all-out government offensives in Maguindanao.

The “defectors” do not wish to deface the Communist Party except for its leadership. Letting the public know the split-up in the CPP-NPA would demoralize the revolutionary cause altogether.

Thus, putting the blames on “usual suspects” serves best to keep the controversial Tiamzon’s “regodon” upshots.

Other than the established MILF BIAFs, guerilla fronts of the CPP-NPA under Far Southern Mindanao region (FSMR) are strategic post machinated to carry-out the bombings in Cotabato City.

So far defectors from the NPA were rooting under FSMR, SMRC, NEMRC (North-Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee) and a portion of the Metro Manila Regional Party Committee (MMRPC).

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Do these pictures horrify you? The pictures above were the brutal arrays of CPP-NPA’s June 25, 1989 Digos massacre. Thirty-nine churchgoers were killed not excluding children who were also hardheartedly gunned-down. The unfortunate soul beheaded in the middle was one of these devotees’ pastors. Their sin was disturbingly “simple”; they wanted no part of the Communist movement. These corpses went against the forced agnostic belief of the totalitarian Reds.

In 1989, these facets of inhumanity shocked the Philippines and the world. But the swift these victims’ lives were taken the swifter justice and interest passed and got denied. Instead of cold-dump iron cell, Jose Maria Sison- the brain behind the Communist’s horrendous act was treated a king. The government granted his biddings. Luis Jalandoni together with Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC) leader Satur Ocampo was likened to the bible’s “salvation” emissaries. Instead of persecution, the Philippine government bent and knelt to get them in peace negotiations. Other than getting them accountable, they (the so-called men behind the NDF) had been magnified “honorable” during the GRP-NDF talks.

They get to demand for peace, when they are the ones depriving us from it.

Who would not want peace? Is it the innocent civilians who had no capacity to defend themselves in the route of a war, or the wagon of thieves and slaughterers who have the defenseless under their mercy? There is nothing wrong with the resumption of talks on August 26th of this year. However, the demands at stake like the demand to again wipe-clean CPP-NPA criminals like Rafael Baylosis and Randall Echanis of their murders in Inopacan, Leyte like how the Satur’s Digos massacre was closet-locked is nonetheless another unbearable denial of justice.

The victims above and people who up until now bear the scar of CPP-NPA cruelty longs for peace but hopes nothing less than having it with justice served.

NPA Victims’ Friends and Relatives

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Si Roxas ay diumano’y dinukot noon Mayo 19 sa La Paz sa Tarlac kasama sina Juanito Carabeo and John Edward Handoc at mag-isang pinakawalan din sa Tarlac noon Mayo 25.

Ngunit dahil sa sinabing panayam ay umaani ngayon ng matinding batikos si Roxas. Ipinagtataka kasi ng kaniyang mga kababayan kung bakit hindi ito dumiretso sa mga pulis ng araw mismo na siya ay pinakawalan upang agarang makapagsumbong at maghain ng kaso laban sa mga tao na kaniyang pinagsusupetsahan na dumukot sa kaniya.

Dagdag pa rito ay mas ipinagtataka ng mga tao kung bakit kailangan muna niyang umalis sa Pinas at mas gustuhin na sa America gumawa ng ingay hinggil sa insidente gayung may umiiral na proseso dito sa ating bansa.

Mas naging kapani-paniwala sana kung Mayo 26 pa lamang ay nagsalita na siya laban sa mga taong dumukot sa kaniya at hindi na niya ipinagpaliban ang isang buong buwan bago niya isiniwalat ang pangyayari.

Dahil na rin sa kaniyang naging pasya na dalhin sa ibang bansa ang sinasabi niyang pagtotortyur sa kaniya ay mas naging kasuspe-suspetsya ang kaniyang mga alegasyon na tuwiran namang tinitingnan ngayon ng publiko bilang isang malaking palabas.

Bukod dito, masyado yatang “too-good to be true” ang nasabing insidente para sa mga grupong bumabatikos sa militar kaugnay sa extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearance dahil nagmistulang hulog ng langit si Melissa Roxas sa kanilang kampanya laban sa AFP.

Saan pa ba sila makakahanap ng tao na dinukot at pinakawalan at masuwerteng nakarinig ng madaming ebidensya upang diretsang maituro ang AFP? San pa ba sila makakahanap ng tao na may kakayahan na magsalita sa America upang batikusin ang Pinas sa international community?

Nakakapagduda din kung bakit ilang ulit na hindi sinipot ni Melissa ang pagdinig sa korte kaugnay sa hinaing nitong writ of amparo laban sa mga tao na kaniyang inakusahan. Imbes na dumalo sa mga pagdinig ay minabuti ni Roxas na ilabas ang kaniyang mga pahayag sa media. Dahil dito ay kinukwestiyun ngayon ang kaniyang intensyon sa paglabas ng nasabing alegasyon

Malaking tulong nga naman ito sa nalalapit na eleksyon upang mapabango ang kampanya ng mga makakaliwang party list grous kasama na sila Satur Ocampo.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Maugong ang balita na ang peace negotiations na balak simulan sa pagitan ng gobyerno at ng Communist Party of the Philippines kasama ang armadong grupo na New People’s Army sa dadating na Agosto ay isang pakana lamang upang “utuin” ang administration ni Arroyo. Sa kagustuhan kasi ng gobyerno na makamit ang tinatawag na “lasting peace” sa ating bansa at patuloy na umusad na ang ating ekonomiya ay handa itong maniwala at bigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga tulad ng CPP at NPA sa usapang pangkapayapaan. Ngunit, hindi nila alintana na ang kanilang kausap ay doble kara pala.

Matagal nang nakabinbin ang peace talks sa pagitan ng dalawang kampo pero hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin ito tuluyang umuusad dahil patuloy pa ring nagpapakita ang mga rebelde ng kanilang kawalan ng respeto sa karapatang pantao ng mga sibilyan. Isang halimbawa na lamang ay ang pinakahuling atake na inilunsad ng mga ito sa bayan ng Toboso sa probinsya ng Negros Occidental nitong July 13 kung saan mahigit sa 30 armadong rebelde ang nagpaulan ng putok sa isang Isuzu Canter truck na sinasakyan ng mga sibilyan. Dahil dito ay tatlong estudyante ang agarang namatay sa insidente habang ilan sa kanilang iba pang mga kasamahan ay lubhang nasugatan.

Nakakalungkot na ang gobyerno ay handang ipatupad muli ang Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) para patunayan ang kanilang sinseridad na makamit ang kapayapaan sa bansa pero ang mga NPA ay patuloy pa ding sumasalakay sa ibat-ibang parte ng bansa. Pati mga inosenteng sibilyan ay kanila nang inaatake ng walang kalaban-laban. Paano tayo maniniwala na kapayapaan ang hangad nila kung ganito ang kanilang pakikitungo sa ating gobyerno? Hindi ba ito ay isang konkretong halimba na sila ay doble kara?

Paano mapapatunayan ni Jose Maria Sison, Luis Jalandoni at Fidel Agcaoili na susundin ng mga NPA ang alituntunin sa peace negotiations at sa panahong magdeklara ng pagkakasundo ang dalawang kampo kung ngayon pa lamang ay hindi nila mapasunod ang mga rebelde? Tulad na din ba sila ng mga MILF na may mga paksyon na direktang kumakalaban sa kanilang liderato at ngayon ay naglulunsad na ng sarili nilang mga operasyon? Ito ay hindi imposible dahil may umiikot din na bulong-bulungan na may kumokontra mula sa kanilang hanay sa gaganapin na peace talks at mas gusto na tuluyang maglunsad ng kaliwat-kanang pag-atake hindi lamang sa mga sundalo kung hindi pati na din laban sa mga sibilyan.

Ito ba ang klase ng mga grupo na dapat bigyan tiwala ng ating gobyerno?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peace Talk for NDF-GRP, Justice Denied for NPA Victims?

The resumption of the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees or (JASIG) to create a conducive arena for the Communist Party’s National Democratic Front (NDF) to participate on the peace talks was more of a “prostitution” of democratic rights other than “foundation” of unison minds. How could the state trust the Reds’ sincerity on peace when it is by far asking for a negotiation while its armed guerilla fronts continue to sow fear across the country.

People are not ignorant to notice how the CPP-NPA-NDF made-sue of the peace talks to recuperate their troops. Back in Leyte, civilians are far more horrified during the course of the negotiations other than the declared all-out offensive. At time of affirmed stand-down, the rebels move freely from one barangay to the next without the fear of being caught. They utterly believe that the military were emasculated during the course of the entire bargaining agreement that they simply won’t move a muscle. By that time, civilians are quietly harassed. Their homes were looted. Their young and able sons were recruited. Their barangay halls are turned into open-Communist workshops were NDF personalities preside the onset mass “Marxist baptism”.

The conditions now were no different to the ones we had before. The GRP-NDF is settling the Netherlands while the cadres look for possible ways to point the fist blame of the talks’ violation to the military. Come to think of it, how could we possibly convince ourselves that they were sincere with their peaceful resolve when the Communist Party in the country are on “full alert” or else “armed” and ready?

In fact, on July 8th the CPP-NPA scored big time in its various armed engagements specifically the extortion-related harassment of the personnel working for JERA Construction in Brgy. Nadawisan, Cataingan, Masbate after its management declared a no-negotiation policy on its set-up revolutionary taxes collection. Furthermore, last July 6th around (30) armed NPA guerilla fighters harassed the resident of Sitio Kalampigan, Brgy. Guilanhguilang, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. They even made a “statement” among the civilians by opening fire on Jimmy Yabut, who was later rushed to the N. Mindanao Medical Center.

Other than that, about (20) other armed NPA rebels under Southern Mindanao Regional Committee (SMRC) disarmed and took-over the Sta. Josefa Municipal Station in Agusan del Sur last July 1st. The said rebel-group successfully robbed the MPS with around five (5) high powered firearms. The attack came despite the indiscriminate altercations and bombings threats in the said region by the armed Moro Islamic Liberation Front. So far, the CPP-NPA was pretty good at helping the MILF cold-blooded commanders.

JASIG is the best excuse to have all these crimes swept under the rag. It would be “ready-to-eat” parlay where the CPP-NPA hopes to escape the long arms the law.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As early as December 2008, the newly created coalition of party list groups made by Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela Women’s Party, Kabataan Party, Act and Courage called Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan or Makabayan has formulated its rules pertaining to the endorsement of a presidentiable in the upcoming 2010 elections.

Knowing that it has significant crowd supporters that can be translated into votes which it has proven in the 2007 elections, Makabayan has been boasting their “electoral asset” to the different presidential aspirants to include giving a pledged of public endorsement to these personalities.

Among those spoken to include Manny Villar, Joseph “Erap” Estrada, Mar Roxas, Ping Lacson, Loren Legarda, Dick Gordon, Bayani Fernando and even Jesus is Lord Movement leader Bro Eddie Villanueva.

During this so-called talks or negotiations, Makabayan members have been asking for financial support – separate contribution for their party list groups’ electoral kitty and for the daily operation of Makabayan as a movement – and are also bargaining for an assured post election position in the winning presidentiable’s cabinet in exchange for votes from their ranks.

However, unbeknownst to the personalities they have spoken to, Makabayan has no intention of seeing through with their end of the bargain as they have no plans of ever publicly endorsing a presidential candidate.

They are merely leading on the presidentiables that they would be publicly endorsed and that they would have assured votes from Makabayan allied groups during the 2010 elections and yet all of these are empty promises.

Aside from making empty promises, Makabayan also plans to attack the winning presidentiable after he or she has successfully positioned himself or herself in Malacañang.

Similar to what they did with then Vice President Gloria Arroyo when they first helped her to be the successor of Erap but after a while withdrew their support when they were not given positions under the then newly installed administration, the Makabayan is also planning to do the very same thing to whoever will be victorious in 2010.

Friday, July 10, 2009


The cold war between Communist Party of the Philippines Chairman-in-absentia Jose Maria “Joma” Sison and its acting-Chair Benito Tiamzon stirred dissenters among Central Luzon and Mindanao cadres. Benito was rumored eyeing the Chairmanship vacated by Joma as the latter cowardly seek asylum in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Benito was to share the Communist throne with wife-Wilma who was hailed as the CPP-NPA’s Imelda Marcos. As the two Leftist stalwarts battle it out for the Chairmanship, the CPP-NPA is running on a broken chain of command.

Logistics across Southern Mindanao Regional Commands have depleted in less than six months following the renegade status of its major players-Leoncio Pitao alias Kumander Parago and its Finance leader-Catherine Guino-o Cacdac. The Joma-influenced south is said to be in the mercy of the Tiamzon couples who is battling Sison’s ouster in the CPP Central Committee. The need to alienate the guerilla fronts in Mindanao is the Tiamzon couple’s way of severing Joma’s clout in the south. By the looks of it, Tiamzon calls the shot of who gets to be feed among the Left. Joma is a mere figure head. Sison’s influence remains a threat to the Tiamzon’s ascendancy to the throne but the pull of power concentrates nonetheless on the will of the self-imposed CPP-NPA Chair-Tiamzon.

On the other hand, the cadres in Greater Manila and South-Central Luzon who remained loyal to the CPP-founder Joma were themselves estranged under Tiamzon’s rule. They were placed on the bottom of the Leftists food and cash chain. The cadres were engineered to machinate political ambitions of Tiamzon-raised progressive leaders. Like emasculated men, the cadres in Luzon who were made to live under the doctrine of Mao-Tse-Tung thought had to swallow democratic exploitations and give-up their armed campaign. Like stringed moppets, the cadres in Luzon were forced by the Tiamzon to serve the favor of Bayan Muna’s Satur Ocampo and Teddy Casiño. Misled that the move to support Ocampo and Casiño are as advised by Sison, the cadres vowed allegiance to the supposed 2010 resurrection of CPP-NPA’s venture in mainstream politics. But as all deceit gets revealed, the cadres in Luzon are now taking extreme tactics to resuscitate the dying Mao-Lenin-Marx ideology.

The blast in the DOJ as well as the IED found in the DA were supposedly part of this contingency measures. The going back to the basics of armed resolved had to be in place. These cadres are determined to pull Communist idealists back to their roots. The legal arena does not work well with the revolution, Joma and the Tiamzons are well aware of it, but unfortunately their selfish ambitions come in the way. The DOJ and DA were deemed potent lab rats to test fire the CPP-NPA hierarchy’s reorientation to the armed struggle.

Evidently, the rumored August Moon was a fitting cover used by the CPP-NPA dissenters to turn the table of blames around. Like the façade used in the Plaza Miranda Bombings, the stir of instability to the reactionary administration is just the needed escape goat of the CPP-NPA to hide its own set of coup d’état and power struggle.