Thursday, April 8, 2010


Absolution usually comes after the sinner has repented and subjected himself to the penalties of his wrongdoing. However, here in our country, politicians tend to change that fact. Ironically, the people even bear witnessing such crime unfolding on their very midst. A good example would be the case of convicted plunderer Erap Estrada, who threw just about the little “delicadeza” he has left by running for the same position he once shamefully led. Other than Erap, have we given a thought on the shocking display of allegiances between known Communist disciples- Saturnino Ocampo and Liza Maza with one of the state’s oldest Political Party? Logic dictates that Communism and democracy are two conflicting ideas. They simply do not mix, since the success of one means the eradication of the other. But have we really given that sad truth a thought?

Ocampo, the third time Partylist Representative under BAYAN Muna was the former leader of the New People’s Army (NPA) Southern Tagalog guerilla front. In the 1980s, Ocampo led the Communist underground and is among those that ordered the execution of around ten thousand Communist cadres accused of treason. He was part of the CPP-NPA’s AHOS Committee who acted as the sole tribunal for rebels believed to be in cahoots with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Part of Ocampo’s magnum opus inside the CPP leadership was the purging operation done between 1985 till 1989 that included the Oplan Venereal Disease that turned Inopacan, Leyte into CPP’s very own killing field that summed 67 known deaths. Other than Oplan-VD, Ocampo is among those liable for the deaths under Oplans Zombie in Southern Mindanao and Cadena de Amor in Southern Tagalog.

The establishment of BAYAN Muna (BM) in September 25, 1999, more than a year before the May 2001 Partylist Group election had Ocampo surfacing from the dissident rebel army. Being elected president of the “introduced” people’s rights group (BM), Ocampo first laundered his identity. In fact, the brute NPA leader managed to set up a publicly “revered” image of having been one of the country’s fierce activists; an idea brought about by Ocampo’s participation during the EDSA People Power revolt. The Communist Party actually stage-managed Ocampo’s “rebirth” as an activist and his entry inside Congress through BM’s wins during the 2001 elections. Ocampo was able to turn his rebel years obsolete and immaterial as he cowered behind BM’s so-called calm protests.

Ocampo never denied his allegiance to the Communist Party or even refused CPP-NPA-NDF Chair Jose Maria Sison’s unyielding support to BM and to Ocampo’s political career. Obviously, Ocampo’s silence is his admittance. It serves a good alibi to keep the public in the dark. That is, as BM under Ocampo’s leadership continue to acknowledge Communist support that includes fund exchanges.

April of last year, MAKABAYAN (Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan) was launched as the independent political pool that house Ocampo’s senatorial bid alongside Liza Maza. Authorities have uncovered CPP-NPA documentations revealing the rebel group’s 1 billion peso worth of doled-out fund for Ocampo and Maza’s candidacies to include their fielded PLGs. About 50 million of said chunk of rebel fund was allotted for Ocampo alone, enough to fuel his campaign. Have we heard another denial coming from Ocampo’s camp? Else, Joma Sison and the Communist Party carry on with their sweet exchanges of correspondence and show of support to both MAKABAYAN and Ocampo’s candidacy. It is not very likely that a “fierce activist” like Ocampo would choose to keep silent on such a sensitive issue if he was in fact not guilty.

The silent treatment Ocampo is trying to pull is not working on Sison’s dissatisfied rebel army. The objections coming from Communist cadres led by CPP-NPA’s figure head – Benito Tiamzon against the all-out support of the CPP-NPA to Ocampo’s political career is something that cannot be easily shrugged aside. The cynicism on Ocampo’s intentions in politics not only unsettles authorities but also of the CPP-NPA hierarchy itself. Why on earth would the CPP-NPA risk stability of its leadership for someone like Ocampo if he is of no use to Sison’s ultimate plot of redesigning our sovereignty with Communist dictatorship? Why is Ocampo this “influential” inside the Party? Should we really turn a blind eye on his connections with the CPP-NPA who is by far the potential threat against the very democracy that we have valiantly tried to protect?

Anyone can venture in politics. This is all part of the state exercising the fullest extent of democracy. But is it not also true that it is being used by abusive honchos like Ocampo? The public for now is ignoring the threat of Ocampo’s entry inside the Senate or even to his collusion with the Nacionalista Party to gain electoral support. But surely, who in the later end would be wailing for help and screaming foul when democracy is being played on Ocampo’s hands?

Juan dela Cruz’s ignorance is what sustains Ocampo and the CPP-NPA’s willingness to supersede our liberties with their tyrannical ideology and agnostic belief. We revolted the idea of TRAPOs and opportunist bastards milking criminal immunities out of their “positions”, and their money-making tricks with the taxpayer’s money. But have we really done something for our defense against their concerted abuses? We should put an end to this absurdity. State enemies who are guilty of murder and democratic laws’ perfidy are no way fit to claim a seat inside the Senate. Otherwise, our state government would match state prison. And by then, things might just be a little too late for us all.