Thursday, April 8, 2010


Absolution usually comes after the sinner has repented and subjected himself to the penalties of his wrongdoing. However, here in our country, politicians tend to change that fact. Ironically, the people even bear witnessing such crime unfolding on their very midst. A good example would be the case of convicted plunderer Erap Estrada, who threw just about the little “delicadeza” he has left by running for the same position he once shamefully led. Other than Erap, have we given a thought on the shocking display of allegiances between known Communist disciples- Saturnino Ocampo and Liza Maza with one of the state’s oldest Political Party? Logic dictates that Communism and democracy are two conflicting ideas. They simply do not mix, since the success of one means the eradication of the other. But have we really given that sad truth a thought?

Ocampo, the third time Partylist Representative under BAYAN Muna was the former leader of the New People’s Army (NPA) Southern Tagalog guerilla front. In the 1980s, Ocampo led the Communist underground and is among those that ordered the execution of around ten thousand Communist cadres accused of treason. He was part of the CPP-NPA’s AHOS Committee who acted as the sole tribunal for rebels believed to be in cahoots with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Part of Ocampo’s magnum opus inside the CPP leadership was the purging operation done between 1985 till 1989 that included the Oplan Venereal Disease that turned Inopacan, Leyte into CPP’s very own killing field that summed 67 known deaths. Other than Oplan-VD, Ocampo is among those liable for the deaths under Oplans Zombie in Southern Mindanao and Cadena de Amor in Southern Tagalog.

The establishment of BAYAN Muna (BM) in September 25, 1999, more than a year before the May 2001 Partylist Group election had Ocampo surfacing from the dissident rebel army. Being elected president of the “introduced” people’s rights group (BM), Ocampo first laundered his identity. In fact, the brute NPA leader managed to set up a publicly “revered” image of having been one of the country’s fierce activists; an idea brought about by Ocampo’s participation during the EDSA People Power revolt. The Communist Party actually stage-managed Ocampo’s “rebirth” as an activist and his entry inside Congress through BM’s wins during the 2001 elections. Ocampo was able to turn his rebel years obsolete and immaterial as he cowered behind BM’s so-called calm protests.

Ocampo never denied his allegiance to the Communist Party or even refused CPP-NPA-NDF Chair Jose Maria Sison’s unyielding support to BM and to Ocampo’s political career. Obviously, Ocampo’s silence is his admittance. It serves a good alibi to keep the public in the dark. That is, as BM under Ocampo’s leadership continue to acknowledge Communist support that includes fund exchanges.

April of last year, MAKABAYAN (Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan) was launched as the independent political pool that house Ocampo’s senatorial bid alongside Liza Maza. Authorities have uncovered CPP-NPA documentations revealing the rebel group’s 1 billion peso worth of doled-out fund for Ocampo and Maza’s candidacies to include their fielded PLGs. About 50 million of said chunk of rebel fund was allotted for Ocampo alone, enough to fuel his campaign. Have we heard another denial coming from Ocampo’s camp? Else, Joma Sison and the Communist Party carry on with their sweet exchanges of correspondence and show of support to both MAKABAYAN and Ocampo’s candidacy. It is not very likely that a “fierce activist” like Ocampo would choose to keep silent on such a sensitive issue if he was in fact not guilty.

The silent treatment Ocampo is trying to pull is not working on Sison’s dissatisfied rebel army. The objections coming from Communist cadres led by CPP-NPA’s figure head – Benito Tiamzon against the all-out support of the CPP-NPA to Ocampo’s political career is something that cannot be easily shrugged aside. The cynicism on Ocampo’s intentions in politics not only unsettles authorities but also of the CPP-NPA hierarchy itself. Why on earth would the CPP-NPA risk stability of its leadership for someone like Ocampo if he is of no use to Sison’s ultimate plot of redesigning our sovereignty with Communist dictatorship? Why is Ocampo this “influential” inside the Party? Should we really turn a blind eye on his connections with the CPP-NPA who is by far the potential threat against the very democracy that we have valiantly tried to protect?

Anyone can venture in politics. This is all part of the state exercising the fullest extent of democracy. But is it not also true that it is being used by abusive honchos like Ocampo? The public for now is ignoring the threat of Ocampo’s entry inside the Senate or even to his collusion with the Nacionalista Party to gain electoral support. But surely, who in the later end would be wailing for help and screaming foul when democracy is being played on Ocampo’s hands?

Juan dela Cruz’s ignorance is what sustains Ocampo and the CPP-NPA’s willingness to supersede our liberties with their tyrannical ideology and agnostic belief. We revolted the idea of TRAPOs and opportunist bastards milking criminal immunities out of their “positions”, and their money-making tricks with the taxpayer’s money. But have we really done something for our defense against their concerted abuses? We should put an end to this absurdity. State enemies who are guilty of murder and democratic laws’ perfidy are no way fit to claim a seat inside the Senate. Otherwise, our state government would match state prison. And by then, things might just be a little too late for us all.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ang buong akala ng kampo ni Senador Manny Villar ay tapat ang kanilang binuong alyansa sa mga kilalang progresibong kandidato na sina Satur Ocampo at Liza Maza. Dahil na rin sa ningning ng binitiwang pangako na 2 milyong command votes para sa Nacionalista Party at ang buong senatorial slate nito ay mistulang na-iukit ang kasunduan sa pagitan ng dalawang grupo.

Ngunit ang nasabing alyansa ay posibleng maglaho dahil na rin sa isang nadiskubreng plano. Lingid sa kaalaman ni Villar ay wala palang balak tuparin ng kampo nila Satur ang pangakong pagbibigay ng 2 milyong boto sa NP dahil tanging ang pangalan nila Ocampo at Maza ang kasalukuyang inuutos na dapat isulat sa balota ng mga senador sa dadating na eleksyon.

Ito ba ang isusukli ng mga militante sa kasunduan nila kay Villar? Ang gawing mistulang talunan ang iba nitong mga kandidato sa pagka-senador? Paano na sina Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Bong Revilla, Pia Cayetano, Bongbong Marcos, Ariel Querubin, Adel Tamano, Gilbert Remulla, Susan “Toots” Ople, Gwendolyn Pimentel at Mon-Mon Mitra na kanilang pina-asa na may makukuhang malaking boto mula sa kanilang hanay? Kung si Marcos lang sana ang hindi iboboto ng mga militante ay maaari pa nating maintindihan ngunit ang paglaglag sa buong senatorial slate ay isang malinaw na kalapastanganan.

Sa posibleng magiging away sa loob NP sa pagkakataong lumabas at matunugan ng ibang kandidato ang ganitong pagtataksil ay sino kaya ang kakampihan ni Villar? Tatayo ba siya sa likod ng iba niyang senatoriables at ipagpipilitan na iutos nila Satur at Maza sa kanilang mga taga-suporta na ang buong miyembro ng kaniyang senatorial slate ay iboto or siya ba ay magsasawalang-kibo na lamang upang hindi maging tagilid ang kaniyang posibleng pagkapanalo sa pagka-pangulo?

Dito natin masisilip kung talagang may prinsipyo si Villar tulad ng kaniyang matagal nang isinasaad sa publiko o baka mas makinang ang kaniyang pangarap na maka-upo sa palasyo tulad ng ating napatunayan ng ito ay makipag-alyado sa mga sinasabing taga-suporta ng komunismo.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Despite the Communist Party of the Philippines’ stubborn posturing that all is well within the movement, a new group has recently severed its ties with the communist group led by its chairman in absentia, Jose Maria Sison. This was admitted by a group that calls itself as the Communalist Proletariat Party-Nationalist Patriotic Army-National Diagraphic Fundamentalist and which uses the same abbreviation as that of Joma’s CPP-NPA-NDF.

In an official statement given to media groups and to emphasize their difference to the bandits who are calling themselves rebels in the country, the general command of the breakaway group has categorically condemned the permit-to-campaign and other relative money-making scheme that are currently being enforced by the New Peoples’ Army in various parts of the country. The group also called this extortion policy as Joma Sison’s commercial instrument which it claims only destroys the good side of the election as it has recognized even the constitutional rights of that of a member of the New Peoples’ Army.

Aside from condemning the PTC of Joma’s cohorts, the general command also made mention of the permit-to-win or PTW – an extortion scheme that the Communist Party of the Philippines feigned not to know about – as a mere criminal act institutionalized by the underground movement to obtain the Party leaders’ own personal interests and to gain additional monetary and material resources as well as control among local residents of a certain area.

Lastly, the breakaway group also tagged the Joma’s forged alliances – made possible by the MAKABAYAN coalition - with local politicians as an attempt to position even corrupt leaders in the government as long as they have obtained the nod of the CPP/NPA/NDF. Further, the new group also labeled the CPP/NPA/NDF as mere “dealers” who intend to deceptively intrude in the country’s governance and therefore should be avoided by all democratic-loving citizens of the Philippines.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Kahit anung paraan ang gawin ng New People’s Army (NPA) sa pagtanggi at pag-iwas sa isyu ng paggamit sa eleksyon upang makalikom ng sangkatutak na pera pangtustos sa kanilang pakikibaka at malamang pati na rin sa matiwasay na buhay ni Jose Ma. Sison sa Netherlands, ang katotohanan pa rin ang mangingibabaw. Hindi maikakaila na mayroon ngang nangyayaring bayaran sa iba’t-ibang panig ng bansa upang maisakatuparan ang pagkapanalo ng mga pulitikong suportado ng mga rebelde. Ngunit may isang grupo na nagpakilalang TERCERISTA ang kumokondena sa laganap na paggamit ng eleksyon bilang isang negosyong pagkakaperahan.

Ang paghihiwalay ng naturang grupo ay nagbigay daan sa bagong kahulugan ng CPP-NPA-NDF bilang Communalist Proletariat Party – Nationalist Patriotic Army – National Diagraphic Fundamentalist. Ipinakita ng TERCERISTA ang kanilang katapangan na talikuran ang lider na si Sison at tuligsahin ang utos nitong magkaroon ng aktibong partisipasyon para sa paparating na halalan. Iginigiit din ng grupo na iba ang kanilang isinusulong kaysa sa ideya ni Sison na kumita ng pera sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-alyansa sa iba’t-ibang organisasyon at mga pulitiko na kumakandidato. Higit sa lahat, tahasang inihahayag at ipinalalabas ng TERCERISTA ang mga nakikita nilang kabalastugan na nangyayari sa loob ng Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) upang ito ay maipaalam sa madlang Pilipino.

Malaking isyu na pinag-uusapan ngayon ang tungkol sa Permit-to-Campaign (PTC) at Permit-to-Win (PTW) na ipinapataw ng mga rebeldeng komunista sa mga pulitikong tumatakbo sa kani-kanilang lugar. Tinutulungan nila ang mga sinusuportahan nilang pulitiko gamit ang kanilang mga armas para mapasunod sa kanilang kagustuhan ang mga taong nakatira sa kanilang nasasakupan. Ito lamang ay isa sa mga iginigiit ng mga TERCERISTA patungkol sa CPP. Kung kaya, hindi rin mawari ng TERCERISTA kung bakit idinidiin ng mga rebelde na wala silang kinalaman sa PTC at PTW.

Ang nangyaring pagkakawatak-watak sa CPP ay hudyat lamang na hindi lahat ay umaayon sa mga kasalukuyang nangyayari sa loob ng kanilang partido. Hindi naman talaga kasama sa kanilang ideolohiya ang paggamit sa eleksyon para sa kanilang sariling interes lamang. Ito ay isa lamang pakikialam sa magulong usapin ng pulitika kapalit ng salapi at nagsisilbing taga-bigay ng proteksyon sa ilang mga pulitiko. Kung patuloy na magiging magulo ang ipinaglalaban ng partidong komunista, hindi malayong mangyari na isa-isa nang mawawala ang kanilang mga miyembro. Unti-unting mawawalan ng respeto ang mga miyembro sa mga namumuno dahil na rin sa maling pamamalakad.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Juan dela Cruz Loses Fair Judgment

Are we really expecting for the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to embrace the democratic process that easily? Is their cadre’s entry to mainstream politics a guarantee that they would hold back their attacks against men in uniform and other unarmed targets they have subjected under their extortion schemes, like the private mine firms they admittedly burned-down to ashes for unsuccessful pay-ups? It does not really matter if groups like Bayan Muna and Gabriela continue to hold their peace on their open secret linkages with the Communist Party. The public have had their fair share of political lies; and, Satur Ocampo yelling his innocence on his detested tie-up with the CPP-NPA is no different.

Ocampo has openly accepted Communist contributions for his campaigns through Makabayang Alyansa ng Mamamayan or (MAKABAYAN), an independent political pool that is fielding his senatorial bid. In fact, not later than MAKABAYAN’s formal launch in April of last year, the CPP-NPA has already allotted 1 billion pesos worth of campaign support for MAKABAYAN that included the 50 million shared on Ocampo. If we swallow Ocampo’s hypocrisy claiming that he has no allegiance with the CPP-NPA, why then would he accept the 50M from the renowned enemy of the state? It is common knowledge that no debt goes unpaid in Philippine politics. One way or another, these political donors would have their intentions clear and their favors presented on the table. Just what is it that the Communist Party wants in supporting Ocampo to the senateship when they are naturally against the current political process that included the powers of the Congress and the Senate?

The CPP-NPA has battled forty years to overthrow democracy and install Communist stewardship in the state. Would you really think they would dismiss their efforts that easily and give-up their ideals by embracing the political process they have tagged imperialistic and oppressive? If they have that much faith with peaceful reforms such as the inception of their democratic participation through Communist adherents being elected in government, why else would they continue arming militias in the provinces? If this could be done peacefully, the CPP should have long ditched the New People’s Army (NPA) who would become immaterial as they embrace legit means of airing their grievances. Ocampo on one hand is as guilty of this deceit. Ocampo’s so-called “unlikely” friendship with the CPP-NPA hierarchy, particularly Jose Maria Sison who has been speaking highly of his political career, should have been one good reason for the voters to rule him out in the nearing senatorial elections.

Ocampo is a confidante of the Godless and enslaving Communist –Sison. Try and imagine just what Sison would ask of him as a “return of investment” for the 1 billion pesos that the CPP-NPA had entrusted to his political machinery. Whose interests will Ocampo try to serve? The man that practically funded his dreams and made his senateship possible or Juan dela Cruz of whom he knows nothing about? Besides, common “tao” never rang a bell on Ocampo’s consciousness as he squandered his nine years in Congress without a single law written for the welfare of the marginalized sector he claims to represent. In fact, he helped promulgate 5 bills all natured to tie AFP’s hand in their operations against the NPA. If he was in Congress to serve as Sison’s legitimate alter ego, what else do you expect from him in the Senate?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is no question that Bayan Muna Rep. Saturnino Ocampo will reserve his silence regarding the C5 Double insertion. His “no comment” stance is already a done deal after signing a so-called merger with Nacionalista Party in exchange that he be invited on the senatorial slate. Imagine the 2 million command vote of BM and Gabriela being collectively sold to buyers like Sen. Villar. These votes being marketed on Villar’s lap is the same exact reason why Ocampo would not move a muscle against the C5 hullabaloo. Ocampo could not simply bite his client’s head-off.

Rights groups colluding with TRAPOs for the sake of higher office best describes how loose morals pollute politics. What is even more alarming is the part where voters simply do not give a damn on whether flip flops continue to enjoy influence or not. Juan dela Cruzes who buy these political gimmicks are the ones to blame. Even the activists inside BM and Gabriela who all claim they are pushing for the people’s will and fighting against political tyranny are not immune to such thievery of ethics. BM members who let Ocampo vend of their votes to the next best political financier are no better than those vote buying enthusiasts in the province. In fact, they are a shameful emblem among the so-called People’s associations.

What sort of change do we expect from these activists turned politicians? They are no different from the TRAPOs they hated before. Who can now tell whether their protests against the administration was not a matter of playing it smart to help the opposition they now align themselves to? What if those anti-Gloria stances were just a “salvo” in preparation for Villar’s presidency? Bayan Muna keeping their distance on the C5 Double insertion on the basis that they are now under Villar’s payroll proves them as “activists for hire”. They are selling their protests for the right amount of cash or position.

Of course Villar’s Php 500,000 worth of doled-out money to Maza and Ocampo’s candidacies was just the tip of iceberg. Negotiations between these parties could not end at such cheap price. The 2 million command vote of BM and Gabriela supersedes that mediocre “paycheck”. In fact other than being adopted inside NP, the two hopeful activists are also promised of cabinet positions if they fail the senateship while Villar becomes the duly elected president. These post-election positions serve as good leverage that would assure Ocampo and Maza’s positions in mainstream government beyond 2010. Quite frankly, this is what Liberal Party bet- Sen. Mar Roxas declined boasting that his Party could swim across victory solely on Cory’s charm; an insult to the capacity of BM and Gabriela who believe they gather a stronghold of the public’s interests minding their Leftist identity.

Juan dela Cruz is not questioning BM and Gabriela’s no-show with regard to the issue of the C5 Double insertion. Reasons behind this “boycott” are nonetheless obvious as Ocampo and Maza brush shoulders on newspaper headlines. Juan dela Cruz is never that dumb. Soon these flip-flops and TRAPO suck-ups will be dealt with; most certainly, “sa kangkungan din sila pupulutin”.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Forty-three (43) Red leaders arrested in Morong, Rizal last February 06 were also caught in possession of 3 hand grenades, 1 canister of Improvised landmine, 5 IEDs, 37 pieces of explosive sticks and around 2 kilos of Ammonium Nitrate. All (43) claimed to have been subjected to undue arrest and detention as they continue to deny their connection with the CPP-NPA.

KARAPATAN or the Alliance for the Advancement of Peoples’ Rights claimed that the Police arrested health workers and medical practitioners participating on a training sponsored by the Community Medicine Foundation, Inc. (COMMED) and Council for Health and Development (CHD) headed by Dr. Melecia Velmonte who also housed the said training in her farmhouse in Rizal. The secluded “training” facility and the improvised explosives would contradict the group’s claim else it displays a foiled rebel teach-in. What exactly were a bunch of medical staffs doing with improvised explosives and live ammunitions?

Six of the 43 were identified suspects of the San Narciso MPS raid in Quezon last 201600 December of last year. They were known cadres under KOMPROB Quezon namely, Reynaldo T. Macabenta; Mark E. Escartin; Antonio C De Dios; Aldrin S. Garcia; Renz M. Capillo; and Racel R OntaƱes alias Aileen “Lira or Mira” Monasterio. During the said raid, the rebels fronted as media professionals that gained them “immunity pass”. Nearly six days after the raid, the same rebel group burned down school buildings inside Doongan High School in Catanauan, Quezon that grossed to over 3.5 million pesos worth of damages.

So whose rights are facing conflict with the law? KARAPATAN is obviously engaging exclusively on arrests of identified NPA personalities other than unsuspecting civilians. In fact, KARAPATAN’s involvements in pursuing the release of these personalities prove them part of the Communist Party, as the case of their formerly claimed student activist Kemberly “Kimay” de Luna. Kimay who died during the encounter against the elements of the 8th IB in Brgy Concepcion, Valencia City, Bukidnon was among those previously supported by KARAPATAN. In fact, before the NPA admitted Kimay’s membership in the armed militia, KARAPATAN claimed the young girl was an “innocent” student leader illegally detained in a military camp somewhere in Bukidnon. That is, to their dismay blew up as a controversial case of activist turned full-pledge Red cadre.

Not long from now, these 43 supposed “health workers” would shed their true skin.