Monday, November 23, 2009

NP, DIGGING ITS GRAVE! “Millions worth Senatorial Selection”

There is no guarantee that the sudden shift of tides between the Nacionalista banner-Sen. Manuel Villar and militant leader Satur Ocampo was made out of pure political will nor was it an act advantageous for both the people and the state. Since the inception of MAKABAYAN or Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan, future collusion between Opposition bets and the four militant Lower House PLG representatives in the likes of Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casiño, Liza Maza and Rafael Mariano have been evident. In fact, this was part of MAKABAYAN’s agenda during its launching last April 16th in UP, Diliman. Specifically, MAKABAYAN plots four to five senate positions by 2010 in exchange of selling-out Bayan Muna’s 2 million command votes excluding the support coming from its affiliate groups such as GABRIELA.

The plan was plain and simple; MAKABAYAN was to ride-on every presidential picket coming from Opposition. The volatile stature of Opposition bets’ particularly on public favor forced MAKABAYAN bets to scatter on different camps. Thus, this explains why Satur Ocampo was solely casted under NP picket. Materially, Ocampo would be have the huge chunk of boost wherein he would have the capability to dictate BM members on channeling their support to his so-called “foster” family in Villar’s slate.

Obviously, the exchanges of favor would work for Villar who is trying to steer his name clear of graft controversies. Even the 2 million guaranteed votes serve as a tempting offer which a presidentiable like Villar would likely consider. The number counts as the election nears. This had been the fitting mantra of NP as it welcomed a former adversary (Ocampo) among their midst. Besides, political “jump ships” swarm whenever state election comes to its close.

The unlikely partnership may not work for the benefit of former “rival” camps but this serves good to gullible populace. For one, their unusual friendship best explains how fallible TRAPOs are for the sake of ambitions to include “partisan” activists that once raided the streets clamoring for solon’s ouster, and this include Ocampo’s newly-found benefactor- Sen. Villar. Opportunely, the often wrong connotation of militant groups as “fair dealing” patriots can now be straightened out. They are far from political saints. Instead, they are nothing less than the people they once lambasted. They are ego-driven and ever thirsty of omnipotence emanating from Malacañang.

NP is digging a whole 6-feet deep grave that would bury Villar’s presidential desire for good. Growing number of people holding doubts on his capability to lead are nonetheless reasonable, especially as he align himself among 2010 hopefuls like Ocampo who prostitute his “comrades” votes for his sake. On the other hand, Ocampo who by now is acting too desperate for a position loses his credibility. Political butterflies that activist such as him detested a few years back were seemingly his mirror-image today.

Villar-Ocampo tandem is one puzzling mix-up. The two’s affiliation mean nothing than money-generating and sucking-up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

OCAMPO FOOLED VILLAR? “NP Senatorial Slate Poisoned by Leftist Stalwarts”

Apparently, the 2-million guaranteed votes that Bayan Muna’s (BM) Satur Ocampo was offering among presidentiables in exchange for a slot at a winning political picket worked on NP standard bearer- Manuel Villar. Since February, sources have said Ocampo had been wooing one presidential candidate to the next to take him in by bargaining his BM members’ votes. It was undoubtedly, BM’s “bureaucratic” prostitution of its members’ rights. That is, as rumors say that majority of the said progressive group opposed the idea of having Ocampo on the senate ascension. This somehow weakened the group’s resolve against partisan politics particularly their stand on steering clear from TRAPOs.

Ironically, the odds of BM joining with Sen. Villar speak of the negatively tolerating landscape of the country’s political arena. This should be an eye opener for the country’s voters who at this time have been continually blinded by the solon’s deceptive façade. Villar, who had been branded a TRAPO and grafter not only by his comrades in the opposition but of the likes of Ocampo and other militant groups, is likely the fitting ingredient that could unmask “politicized” activists such as BM’s senatorial line-up.

For one, Ocampo to include other 2010 senatoriables like Liza Maza and Teddy Casiño have led street protests against supposed malverzation of people’s funds. Villar with his ongoing C5 controversy is part of this “political mess” that militants are trying to pin-down. Their collusion for the sake of bagging seats this coming election gives us a vivid picture of what “flip-flops” like Ocampo could muster in the name of getting an inch closer to the Malacañang. The street fights that these gangs of activists try to pull-off specifically those that lambast officials, who they now suck-up to, are nothing less than a “show”.

The worst case scenario between a lapdog “wanna be” (Ocampo) and a TRAPO wanting to redeem himself by pairing his cards with a former enemy is that the unwary public would have to deal with a blown-out “political gimmickry” that sooner or later will backfire to the expense of the poor Juan dela Cruz. Just imagine how Ocampo managed to channel his BM subordinates’ votes to Villar. This “manhandling” within BM would be extended to the entire state once Ocampo wins this 2010; meaning, 90 million Filipinos would be at his mercy.

What kind of “senator” would he be months from now, when as early as today he is showing how fallible his decisions and loyalty would be? Other than a tyrant, Ocampo who was known to most with his allegiance to the Reds of Joma Sison may have been “expanding” his communist ideals from BM to the Senate floor. Sacrificing 2 million “comrades” to a “pathetic” TRAPO who had been meeting ends to wash his name clean for the elections is just one of Ocampo’s dirty antics. For sure, Ocampo’s political camp-MAKABAYAN or Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan that had doled-out 50 million pesos worth of fund drive for Ocampo could queue-up a lot of detestable gimmicks as the November 20th deadline on candidate registration comes to a close.

It is revolting to witness how Ocampo and Villar have turned themselves into greedy election clowns. It is definitely a no laughing matter.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Stories pertaining to the two million votes proffered by Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo to Senator and presidential candidate Manny Villar are obviously true. This much was discerned following the formal announcement by the Nacionalist Party (NP) on the inclusion of Ocampo in their senatorial slate for the upcoming 2010 elections. According to a previous news report, the so-called unholy offer was brought up during a secret meeting between the progressive lawmaker and Senator Villar wherein the former was able to successfully negotiate for post-elective positions particularly five cabinet posts and several committee chairmanships in the senate from said presidential aspirant, in the event the latter wins the elections.

This was also confirmed by the statement of NP spokesperson Gilbert Remulla who avowed that they had a trouble-free way of completing their line-up of senators being that the aspirants were the ones who directly approached and wagered with leaders of the oldest political party to be allowed inclusion in their list. Aside from Satur Ocampo, Remulla further stated that they were still negotiating with other groups and personalities to fill-up the slate before November 20, to include Ilocos Norte Representative Bongbong Marcos.

If this pushes through, Ocampo will definitely find himself in hot water as he visibly turns his back on his avowed ideology and ideals and on all the victims of the martial rule regime when he decided to side with the son of their former enemy who is also a senatorial aspirant like himself. This current development has inadvertently proven Satur Ocampo’s inherent desire for power and the extreme measures he is willing to take just so he can obtain his political objectives.

Apparently, it was not only Senator Manny Villar who was duped to allow Ocampo into his camp as former Bayan Muna Representive Joel Virador has also “negotiated” with a cousin of presidential candidate Senator Noynoy Aquino, Rafael Lopa, during a mass held at the San Pedro Cathedral in Davao City, to see if Satur can be included in a so-called “rainbow coalition” under the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC).

Does this then prove that the real quest of the Makabayang Koalisyon ng Makabayan or MAKABAYAN under which Satur Ocampo is allied is to attain power?