Monday, February 22, 2010


Forty-three (43) Red leaders arrested in Morong, Rizal last February 06 were also caught in possession of 3 hand grenades, 1 canister of Improvised landmine, 5 IEDs, 37 pieces of explosive sticks and around 2 kilos of Ammonium Nitrate. All (43) claimed to have been subjected to undue arrest and detention as they continue to deny their connection with the CPP-NPA.

KARAPATAN or the Alliance for the Advancement of Peoples’ Rights claimed that the Police arrested health workers and medical practitioners participating on a training sponsored by the Community Medicine Foundation, Inc. (COMMED) and Council for Health and Development (CHD) headed by Dr. Melecia Velmonte who also housed the said training in her farmhouse in Rizal. The secluded “training” facility and the improvised explosives would contradict the group’s claim else it displays a foiled rebel teach-in. What exactly were a bunch of medical staffs doing with improvised explosives and live ammunitions?

Six of the 43 were identified suspects of the San Narciso MPS raid in Quezon last 201600 December of last year. They were known cadres under KOMPROB Quezon namely, Reynaldo T. Macabenta; Mark E. Escartin; Antonio C De Dios; Aldrin S. Garcia; Renz M. Capillo; and Racel R OntaƱes alias Aileen “Lira or Mira” Monasterio. During the said raid, the rebels fronted as media professionals that gained them “immunity pass”. Nearly six days after the raid, the same rebel group burned down school buildings inside Doongan High School in Catanauan, Quezon that grossed to over 3.5 million pesos worth of damages.

So whose rights are facing conflict with the law? KARAPATAN is obviously engaging exclusively on arrests of identified NPA personalities other than unsuspecting civilians. In fact, KARAPATAN’s involvements in pursuing the release of these personalities prove them part of the Communist Party, as the case of their formerly claimed student activist Kemberly “Kimay” de Luna. Kimay who died during the encounter against the elements of the 8th IB in Brgy Concepcion, Valencia City, Bukidnon was among those previously supported by KARAPATAN. In fact, before the NPA admitted Kimay’s membership in the armed militia, KARAPATAN claimed the young girl was an “innocent” student leader illegally detained in a military camp somewhere in Bukidnon. That is, to their dismay blew up as a controversial case of activist turned full-pledge Red cadre.

Not long from now, these 43 supposed “health workers” would shed their true skin.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The line-up of Nacionalista Party (NP) is said to be closing their eyes and ears on the Senate’s call to censure NP bet Sen. Manuel Villar over his hand in the C5 Double insertion controversy. These 2010 hopefuls, who are early Villar suck-ups, that include Communist supportive senatoriables like Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza are obviously boycotting the Senate inquest in exchange of continued political favors. The well-financed NP and its “able” machinery that could boost the campaigns of Maza and Ocampo are too valuable that the graft case on Villar is deemed irrelevant.

This is the same mantra of Villar’s minions in the Senate that include Senators Allan Cayetano, Edgardo Angara, Joker Arroyo and Lito Lapid. All five of said senators made a no-show stint last Janury 19th as the Senate opened its quorum on the inquest regarding the C5 funds. Sadly, this is how Villar’s charm reigns among its co-senators. Villar is apparently already enjoying immunity even before getting duly elected. The supposed demigod image of Villar is the very reason why Ocampo and Maza gambled their “names” under his picket despite the sounding disfavor of the public. Absolution in the Philippine politics is made possible by “money”, influence and “charm”; Villar is enjoying this fairly early.

Ocampo and Maza claimed to have been on the streets for the pursuit of people’s interest. They were there during the EDSA Uno revolt that seated former Pres. Cory Aquino in the promise that reform and change of leadership would resolve the sickening extent of political exploitation. But it is no secret that EDSA I remained ineffective, otherwise EDSA Dos and Tres would not have taken place. Something definitely went wrong despite people’s eagerness for reform. And surely, it is because people like Maza and Ocampo continue to exist. Both of them ride on different issues from TRAPO to the next but easily reconciles with those claimed grafters in exchange for favors.

The 2010 elections will serve as the breaking point politics wise. This will bring a new Communist breed inside the state government spearheaded by Maza or Ocampo who have already transformed themselves as TRAPO lapdogs. Quite frankly, their “rights groups” would now swear to protect the best interests of Villar and Nacionalista’s, turning them altogether into “Villar’s rights groups. Inevitably, Bayan Muna (BM) will transform to “Villar Muna”. This newly-formed “VM” would gladly help in sidetracking the investigations on NP’s presidential bet. In time, there will surely be a VM-led picket protests pressuring the government to junk the C5 controversy.

It is disturbing how politics is “fashioned” to fit the interest of every hopeful here in the country; like how TRAPOs laundry their names clean and prey on the vulnerable public. In this array, Maza and Ocampo are the best lab rats and satisfy their long quench for much power. Both of them are a disgrace to the victors of Edsa revolts.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Walang pinagkaiba ang kamatayan ni Kemberly “Kimay” Jul Luna sa porsyento ng mga kabataan na nilulumpo ng nakakahibang na druga o di kaya’y walang kabuluhang hazing. Kung iisipin mas kahindik-hindik pa. Buhay ng isang promising youth ang nalagas para sa pulang bandila na hinaharian ni Jose Maria Sison. Nakikibaka ang tulad niyang mga kabataan hindi para sa demokrasya, kung hindi para palitan ito ng Komunistang diktadorya kung saan maghahari lang ang iilan. Ang nakakalungkot pa, isa si Kimay sa mga kabataang nabulag sa kapangyarihan ng armas.

Ang bulok na pananaw ng kaliwa ang tanging dahilan ng pagkamatay ng promising youth na si Kimay. Walang dapat ipagbunyi sa nasayang na buhay ng dalaga. Naaatim ng NPA na mag-recruit ng menor de edad o di kaya’y kabataan sa kanilang grupo habang patabaing-baboy ang mga lider nito sa labas ng bansa tulad nina Sison. Ang taong nagpasimuno sa Komunistang pagkilos, nagsasaya sa immunity nito sa labas ng bansa.
Anong ehemplo ang naisabuhay ni Ka Kimay? Rebeldeng tinalikuran ng taong pinaglalaban niya? Ang maging isa sa mga armadong nanloloob sa mga kawawang sibilyan kapalit ng bigas o pera? Ano ang ikinaiba ng buhay ni Kimay sa mga pusakal na nagtatago sa bundok, may armas at pumapatay. Anong demokrasya ba ang pinaglaban niya?

Kung nailagay sana sa tama ang husay ni Kimay hindi lang kapiranggot na mensahe sa dyaryo ang naging deskripsiyon ng buhay niya. Ito ang ehemplo ng exploytasyon sa NPA. Sa ganitong paraan nakakalikom ang NPA ng mga kabataang gagamitin nitong buhay na bulletvest sa mga bakbakan. Sa kasamaang palad nag-eendorso pa ang NPA na pamarisan ng iba pang kabataan si Kimay. Ang mamatay sa madugong pakikidigma para sa kapakanan ng ibang nakahilata ay hindi kailanman magiging tama.