Monday, March 22, 2010


Juan dela Cruz Loses Fair Judgment

Are we really expecting for the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to embrace the democratic process that easily? Is their cadre’s entry to mainstream politics a guarantee that they would hold back their attacks against men in uniform and other unarmed targets they have subjected under their extortion schemes, like the private mine firms they admittedly burned-down to ashes for unsuccessful pay-ups? It does not really matter if groups like Bayan Muna and Gabriela continue to hold their peace on their open secret linkages with the Communist Party. The public have had their fair share of political lies; and, Satur Ocampo yelling his innocence on his detested tie-up with the CPP-NPA is no different.

Ocampo has openly accepted Communist contributions for his campaigns through Makabayang Alyansa ng Mamamayan or (MAKABAYAN), an independent political pool that is fielding his senatorial bid. In fact, not later than MAKABAYAN’s formal launch in April of last year, the CPP-NPA has already allotted 1 billion pesos worth of campaign support for MAKABAYAN that included the 50 million shared on Ocampo. If we swallow Ocampo’s hypocrisy claiming that he has no allegiance with the CPP-NPA, why then would he accept the 50M from the renowned enemy of the state? It is common knowledge that no debt goes unpaid in Philippine politics. One way or another, these political donors would have their intentions clear and their favors presented on the table. Just what is it that the Communist Party wants in supporting Ocampo to the senateship when they are naturally against the current political process that included the powers of the Congress and the Senate?

The CPP-NPA has battled forty years to overthrow democracy and install Communist stewardship in the state. Would you really think they would dismiss their efforts that easily and give-up their ideals by embracing the political process they have tagged imperialistic and oppressive? If they have that much faith with peaceful reforms such as the inception of their democratic participation through Communist adherents being elected in government, why else would they continue arming militias in the provinces? If this could be done peacefully, the CPP should have long ditched the New People’s Army (NPA) who would become immaterial as they embrace legit means of airing their grievances. Ocampo on one hand is as guilty of this deceit. Ocampo’s so-called “unlikely” friendship with the CPP-NPA hierarchy, particularly Jose Maria Sison who has been speaking highly of his political career, should have been one good reason for the voters to rule him out in the nearing senatorial elections.

Ocampo is a confidante of the Godless and enslaving Communist –Sison. Try and imagine just what Sison would ask of him as a “return of investment” for the 1 billion pesos that the CPP-NPA had entrusted to his political machinery. Whose interests will Ocampo try to serve? The man that practically funded his dreams and made his senateship possible or Juan dela Cruz of whom he knows nothing about? Besides, common “tao” never rang a bell on Ocampo’s consciousness as he squandered his nine years in Congress without a single law written for the welfare of the marginalized sector he claims to represent. In fact, he helped promulgate 5 bills all natured to tie AFP’s hand in their operations against the NPA. If he was in Congress to serve as Sison’s legitimate alter ego, what else do you expect from him in the Senate?

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