Friday, March 26, 2010


Despite the Communist Party of the Philippines’ stubborn posturing that all is well within the movement, a new group has recently severed its ties with the communist group led by its chairman in absentia, Jose Maria Sison. This was admitted by a group that calls itself as the Communalist Proletariat Party-Nationalist Patriotic Army-National Diagraphic Fundamentalist and which uses the same abbreviation as that of Joma’s CPP-NPA-NDF.

In an official statement given to media groups and to emphasize their difference to the bandits who are calling themselves rebels in the country, the general command of the breakaway group has categorically condemned the permit-to-campaign and other relative money-making scheme that are currently being enforced by the New Peoples’ Army in various parts of the country. The group also called this extortion policy as Joma Sison’s commercial instrument which it claims only destroys the good side of the election as it has recognized even the constitutional rights of that of a member of the New Peoples’ Army.

Aside from condemning the PTC of Joma’s cohorts, the general command also made mention of the permit-to-win or PTW – an extortion scheme that the Communist Party of the Philippines feigned not to know about – as a mere criminal act institutionalized by the underground movement to obtain the Party leaders’ own personal interests and to gain additional monetary and material resources as well as control among local residents of a certain area.

Lastly, the breakaway group also tagged the Joma’s forged alliances – made possible by the MAKABAYAN coalition - with local politicians as an attempt to position even corrupt leaders in the government as long as they have obtained the nod of the CPP/NPA/NDF. Further, the new group also labeled the CPP/NPA/NDF as mere “dealers” who intend to deceptively intrude in the country’s governance and therefore should be avoided by all democratic-loving citizens of the Philippines.

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