Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is no question that Bayan Muna Rep. Saturnino Ocampo will reserve his silence regarding the C5 Double insertion. His “no comment” stance is already a done deal after signing a so-called merger with Nacionalista Party in exchange that he be invited on the senatorial slate. Imagine the 2 million command vote of BM and Gabriela being collectively sold to buyers like Sen. Villar. These votes being marketed on Villar’s lap is the same exact reason why Ocampo would not move a muscle against the C5 hullabaloo. Ocampo could not simply bite his client’s head-off.

Rights groups colluding with TRAPOs for the sake of higher office best describes how loose morals pollute politics. What is even more alarming is the part where voters simply do not give a damn on whether flip flops continue to enjoy influence or not. Juan dela Cruzes who buy these political gimmicks are the ones to blame. Even the activists inside BM and Gabriela who all claim they are pushing for the people’s will and fighting against political tyranny are not immune to such thievery of ethics. BM members who let Ocampo vend of their votes to the next best political financier are no better than those vote buying enthusiasts in the province. In fact, they are a shameful emblem among the so-called People’s associations.

What sort of change do we expect from these activists turned politicians? They are no different from the TRAPOs they hated before. Who can now tell whether their protests against the administration was not a matter of playing it smart to help the opposition they now align themselves to? What if those anti-Gloria stances were just a “salvo” in preparation for Villar’s presidency? Bayan Muna keeping their distance on the C5 Double insertion on the basis that they are now under Villar’s payroll proves them as “activists for hire”. They are selling their protests for the right amount of cash or position.

Of course Villar’s Php 500,000 worth of doled-out money to Maza and Ocampo’s candidacies was just the tip of iceberg. Negotiations between these parties could not end at such cheap price. The 2 million command vote of BM and Gabriela supersedes that mediocre “paycheck”. In fact other than being adopted inside NP, the two hopeful activists are also promised of cabinet positions if they fail the senateship while Villar becomes the duly elected president. These post-election positions serve as good leverage that would assure Ocampo and Maza’s positions in mainstream government beyond 2010. Quite frankly, this is what Liberal Party bet- Sen. Mar Roxas declined boasting that his Party could swim across victory solely on Cory’s charm; an insult to the capacity of BM and Gabriela who believe they gather a stronghold of the public’s interests minding their Leftist identity.

Juan dela Cruz is not questioning BM and Gabriela’s no-show with regard to the issue of the C5 Double insertion. Reasons behind this “boycott” are nonetheless obvious as Ocampo and Maza brush shoulders on newspaper headlines. Juan dela Cruz is never that dumb. Soon these flip-flops and TRAPO suck-ups will be dealt with; most certainly, “sa kangkungan din sila pupulutin”.

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